About Us

She believes is being her authentic self, she believes in standing out from the crowd. Her mission is to help others find their true authentic selves through her creations & to do the same.
Suzanne creates collections of small batch groupings & one-of-a-kind clothing, jewelry, & accessories for those like herself.
With a love for creating unique pieces Suzanne has plowed her own path. Her creations have graced movie premiers on the red carpets, have been captured in images covering fashion editorials across the nation, & walked multiple runways worn by beautiful women.
Our designs are built with the idea of creating individuality.  Inspired by dreams, travels, & our beautiful natural surroundings.  Life is a dream &, we encourage you to enjoy the journey.  Weather it be a road trip or your personal journey back to self.  We understand that there has never been anyone like you. Therefore, you should have special & unique pieces that help you express everything that you are.
In a world of mass production, we offer you another option. We are a small brand that believes in handmade, re-made, & thrifting.  We believe in sustainability. We believe that society has pushed conformity over originality, & we are here to inspire you to think differently.
We are a brand committed to fashion-forward designs created to encourage you to thrive on originality. Find what makes you different and share that with the world. We strive to bring you clothing, jewelry, accessories & natural body products. Items that help you to feel original & to embrace who you truly are.